NACC champion unveils new British Lion egg recipes

NACC champion unveils new British Lion egg recipes

NACC Care Chef of the Year Martin McKee has created a series of videos demonstrating how to prepare simple dishes using British Lion eggs.

The five recipes, which have been developed to reflect the growing trend for menu simplification, can feed ten or more people and are ideal for residents with various conditions, such as dementia and dysphagia.

The dishes include an egg and bacon breakfast muffin, salmon and broccoli stuffed pepper with baked egg, smoked bacon, scrambled egg and potato waffles, spinach, ricotta and cherry tomato frittata, chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream and Mediterranean vegetable scotch eggs.

The latest Food Standards Agency advice means that vulnerable groups, including care home residents, can eat runny, or even raw, eggs, as long as they are produced to British Lion standards. Eggs that meet the Lion standard will carry a red lion logo and best before date.

“Eggs are an essential ingredient in every kitchen, and it is brilliant that we can now serve them runny as long as they meet Lion standards,” says McKee. “The recipes I’ve created are easy to replicate and have been designed to make the most of the nutritional benefits of eggs, including key vitamins and minerals, as well as providing an abundance of protein which is vital for care home residents’ diets.

“I always use British Lion eggs and I would strongly urge any other care home chef to follow suit when sourcing and cooking with eggs to guarantee high-quality, safe dishes.”

The video recipes are available to view on the British Lion eggs YouTube channel and can also be found on

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