Philadelphia launches new campaign to inspire chefs

Philadelphia launches new campaign to inspire chefs

Philadelphia has launched numerous recipes featuring its famous cream cheese to inspire chefs who work in the healthcare sector.

Each recipe has been developed by Gareth O’Hara, head chef at Sunrise of Cardiff, as part of a nationwide campaign to enlighten chefs on the many different uses of Philadelphia.

Four other leading chefs have also been involved in the campaign, entitled ‘You Don’t Know Philly’. As well as the healthcare sector, recipes have been designed for those working in education, hotels, pubs and restaurants and the food to go sector.

The campaign follows an independent taste and performance test with 100 professional chefs pitting Philadelphia against three competitor products. Among the various findings, 9/10 chefs said they highly rate Philadelphia’s taste and performance.

Andrew Severs, foodservice customer manager, said: “Chefs have always recognised Philadelphia’s superior taste and quality – and our new insight only serves to back this up – but many may not have realised its potential to perform in dishes beyond just cheesecakes and bagels. That’s why we’ve been working closely with The Philly Five to develop a range of incredible new recipes and provide inspiration and solutions to help meet the unique demands of each sector, showcasing how chefs can maximise menus with one keystone product.

“It’s high time chefs got to know Philly a little better!”

To download the recipe book specific for the healthcare sector, click here.

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