Promoted: CaterCloud recognised by Forward Fooding

Promoted: CaterCloud recognised by Forward Fooding

We are delighted that CaterCloud has been recognised by Forward Fooding as an industry-leading food technology business, and a member of the FoodTech 500.

“The FoodTech 500 is a list of top innovators and disruptors in the industry and the go-to leaders of the emergent and ever evolving sector; they are the ones changing the course of the way we produce, consume and enjoy food forever” Alessio D’Antino, CEO of Forward Fooding.

What makes CaterCloud industry-leading is its freshness in terms of technology and in terms of approach. We’ve brought a wealth of industry experience and expertise into a single platform and what this has built is a system which is genuinely optimised for today’s food service industry. Our core focuses are cost reduction for operators and food safety for customers and operators. And we’ve also put huge efforts into long term menu planning, RDA analysis and features for hospitality and care providers.

Innovation is baked into product development at CaterCloud. We work with our customers to uncover what they really need – what will make a practical difference to them – and work those needs into the product. We work with the best in the business, so the ideas that make it through are truly leading-edge. And with our cutting-edge technology platform we’re able to utilise the newest technologies to really build up the product.

What’s unique about CaterCloud is that it’s designed to address the key concerns of operators today – profit margins, and food safety. At every point in CaterCloud costings can be discerned to a really fine level, tweaked, adjusted, and reapplied. No other system does this to the extent that we do. And with Natasha’s Law coming soon, our allergen control, our choices of label, recipe and menu printing and our store of managed ingredients really let operators really understand food safety and commercial risk and proactively address it.

We’re on a mission to make food safety and food service cost reduction available to all operators, and it’s great that this is recognised by our peers and that we are acknowledged as an industry-leading provider.

CaterCloud is the FREE to use leading menu management system on the market and will ensure you stay compliant with Natasha’s Law.

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