Residents reflect on childhood memories at teddy bear picnic

Residents at Mansfield Care’s Belleville Lodge, in Edinburgh, took a trip down memory lane at a teddy bear picnic.

Care home residents reminisced about childhood memories over a teddy bear picnic.

Mansfield Care's Belleville Lodge, in Edinburgh, invited its residents to bring along their own teddy bears and soft toys for the picnic.

Along with the teddy takeover was an array of homemade cakes and tea as the residents discussed their favourite toys they and their children used to play with when they were younger.

Belleville Lodge matron Margaret Russell says: “There were lots of smiles and everyone enjoyed holding and touching the soft toys and passing them around for a cuddle.

“One of the highlights of the day that made everyone happy was to see all the teddies and soft toys lined up together for a portrait photo."

Belleville Lodge, in Edinburgh.

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