Healthy hydration: the importance of looking after your team

Sarah Hussey, Business Development Executive at BRITA VIVREAU, shares advice on supporting staff wellbeing through good hydration.

As care homes continue to struggle in the face of staff shortages, prioritising the wellbeing of your team is more important than ever. Taking steps to promote healthy habits, such as good hydration, will help them appreciate how valued they are. The latest figures from Skills for Care show that staff turnover rates remain high, with nearly 30% leaving their adult social care jobs in 2020/21[1]. This means it’s more important than ever to create a positive working environment for all employees.

Here are my top tips on how to help keep your staff hydrated throughout the day:

1. Pass the taste test

Offering staff a choice of great-tasting water types will encourage them to drink more.  

BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers offer hot, cold, still or sparkling filtered water, meaning there is a choice for every preference. 

2. Make things easy

Make sure a dispenser is as conveniently placed as possible for staff to top up their water bottles as they go about their work. For example, the BRITA VIVREAU Top & Extra dispensers offer flexibility for different sized areas, with a choice of water capacity depending on consumption needs, while the Extra C-Shape includes a choice of tap height and boiler size.

3. Prioritise hygiene

While hygiene continues to remain front of mind, look for systems that are easy to keep clean. 

BRITA VIVREAU’s new Top & Extra systems and the Extra C-Shape both benefit from built-in technology designed to optimise cleanliness. For example, our ThermalGate™ technology heats the outlet tap at regular intervals to protect against contamination from sources such as physical contact and exposure to airborne droplets – with no manual effort or chemical additives required. The Top system also comes with the added benefit of HygienePlus, which offers a three-zone protection system for reducing impurities - specifically designed for sensitive settings like healthcare facilities. 

Making it as easy as possible to access pleasant tasting drinking water in a safe, hygienic manner will help staff to stay hydrated while reassuring them that their safety is being looked after.

Find out more about safe, hygienic and sustainable water dispenser solutions for your care home by visiting the BRITA VIVREAU Top and Extra product pages, or visit here. Or contact Business Development Executive, Sarah Hussey on 07852791291 or [email protected]


[1] ‘The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England’ report, Skills for Care, October 2021: