A sustainable approach to good hydration

Sarah Hussey, Business Development Executive at BRITA VIVREAU, explores how care homes can promote good hydration while keeping an eye on their carbon footprint.

Balancing environmental responsibility with the many other priorities on their agenda can prove a daunting challenge for care home operators. But discouraging the use of single-use plastic wherever possible can play a big part in meeting sustainability goals.

Water dispensers not only make it easier for both residents and staff to keep hydrated by offering easy access to great tasting water, but are also a useful means of reducing waste from plastic by eradicating the need for single-use bottles. In fact, four billion plastic bottles have been eliminated in the environment to date by people drinking BRITA filtered water.

What’s more, the natural refrigerant in our mains-fed water dispensers such as the BRITA VIVREAU Top and Extra C-Shape offers powerful cooling technology, eliminating the need to ship, store and refrigerate plastic bottles – helping to reduce your carbon footprint and the associated costs.

Ideal for care settings, the Top dispensers come in a choice of models, including countertop and floorstanding options, while The Extra C-Shape offers a choice of tap heights. Both systems also come with an optional extra Easy Access Panel (EAP) that can be positioned at a lower point, either flat to a surface or at an angle, which is ideal for wheelchair users.

Energy-efficient water dispensers that are easy to install and maintain will ensure safe, filtered drinking water is available for all, while helping to improve the sustainability of your care home environment.

Find out more about safe, hygienic and sustainable water dispenser solutions for your care home by visiting the BRITA VIVREAU Top and Extra product pages, or visit here. Or contact Business Development Executive, Sarah Hussey on 07852791291 or [email protected]