Nora returns to roots as silver service waitress

Nora Sweeney, 93, enjoyed a trip out to a prestigious hotel where she used to work, before creating a three-course meal with another resident for her care home.

A resident was taken back to her roots as a silver service waitress when she enjoyed a surprise lunch out - before whipping up a three-course meal for the rest of her home.

Nora Sweeney, 93, returned to the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel, in Glasgow, where she was once part of the front of house team, for a lunch with her two daughters.

The trip was organised by the team at Care UK's Cathkin House, in East Kilbride, and saw Nora reunited with its owners, George and Therese McCulloch, with George, who remembered Nora from her waitressing days, showing her how much has changed at the hotel over the years.

Nora said: “I really enjoyed being back at the hotel after so many years – I thought I was going back to discuss my return to work! I remembered George very well, as he has visited me before. There is so much of the hotel that is the same, especially the front check-in desk.”

After the visit, Nora teamed up with fellow resident and former chef, 68-year-old Giuseppe Musardo, to treat their friends at Cathkin House to a meal to remember. Giuseppe, who used to own his restaurant in Abroth, worked with his sous-chef for the evening, Cathkin House’s head chef, to create a three-course meal, which was served by Nora and the lifestyle team. 

Nora added: “I loved hosting and serving my friends at Cathkin House, but I have to say they weren’t very generous tippers!”

The activities formed part of the home’s Wishing Tree Initiative, which encourages residents to put wishes forward, allowing them to reconnect with a past hobby or try something completely new – from flying on a plane to enjoying a fish and chip supper.

Nisha Sujeewon, home manager at Cathkin House, said: “We had a wonderful time creating the Cathkin House restaurant, and surprising Nora with a trip to Sherbrooke Castle Hotel. Here at Cathkin House, we strive to support residents to lead fulfilling lives in whatever capacity that may be. Whether it’s facilitating a trip to the garden centre, turning our home into a restaurant, or making wishes come true.

"Everyone at the home knows how many fond memories Nora has of her days as a silver service waitress, and how much she loved working at the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel, which is why we were delighted to be able to organise her to revisit. Both the visit, and Giuseppe and Nora’s kitchen takeover were days to remember and bought smiles to everyone’s faces. The pair are already planning their next pop-up restaurant event."

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