Lockhart looks forward to a sustainable future

Already ahead of schedule to achieve Net Zero 2050, the company has outlined its ambitious sustainability targets

Lockhart Catering Equipment has introduced its Sustainable Future Programme, which underlines its commitment to embed sustainability in every aspect of its business and includes SBTi approved science-based targets for a Net Zero 2050 plan.

As one of the UK’s leading equipment distributors, with over 400 brands and more than 32,000 products in its portfolio, Lockhart has taken responsibility to ensure both its own footprint, and that of its’ suppliers are sustainable and continually improving.

Simon Britten, Head of Marketing at Lockhart Catering Equipment explains: Everyone understands the importance of sustainability and it’s even more essential in a business as large as Lockhart Catering Equipment. We are in the fortunate position where we can influence our partners and suppliers to make real, quantifiable changes that will have a domino-effect that benefits the whole supply chain and the entire industry.”

 Already ahead of schedule to achieve Net Zero 2050, some of the company’s targets include being more carbon efficient by 2025 and 50% by 2030; to use 100% renewable energy procurement across the Bunzl Group by 2030 and to ensure that 79% of suppliers have their own science-based emissions targets by 2027.

As a leading distributor working with over 400 suppliers, Lockhart recognises changes are required beyond the company and is thus using its unique position at the centre of the supply chain, to lead the transition towards a more sustainable future. Launched at its recent Supplier Conference, Lockhart's Supplier Sustainability Roadmap will see suppliers completing a questionnaire outlining their sustainability journey and targets, which will then be reassessed and tracked bi-annually for progress updates.

Success stories will be published in Lockhart Catering Equipment’s recently launched sustainability newsletter – ‘Sustainable Future’ – which aims to inform readers of key environmental topics and contribute to the sustainability conversation gaining momentum and visibility in the foodservice industry. Lockhart’s newly created position of Sustainability Lead, Phoebe Collins, will take responsibility for this project, alongside the transparent tracking and reporting of Lockhart’s progress.

These efforts have already proved successful, as Lockhart is ahead of schedule to become Net Zero and has plans to bring its 2050 target forward. This is thanks to changes such as switching to renewable energy, LED lighting, and renewable fuel across all distribution vehicles. Lockhart has also eliminated single use plastics in 50% of their exclusive brands and 2/3 of their exclusive cutlery brands.

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